Capital Campaign Contributors


Felicia Rubin Neftali and Edith Frankel Conference Center
Gerald and Stanlee Rubin The Final Solution Gallery
Schwartz Family Liberator’s Gallery ~~In Honor of Albert Schwartz
Robert and Sara Shiloff  Robert and Sara Shiloff Library and Study Center



Bernard and Judy Lauterbach Kristallnacht Gallery- In memory of family members lost in the Holocaust
Steve and Ann Lauterbach Kristallancht Gallery~In memory of family members lost in the Holocaust
David and Guillermina Lindau Kristallnact Gallery
The Meadows Foundation  
The Feinberg Family Foundation Milton D. and Jean Feinberg Memorial Room
Aaron and Sylvia Wechter Pre-War Gallery
Western Refining Survivor’s Gallery
El Paso Community Foundation  



Hunt Family Foundation  
Nation Council of Jewish Women Children’s Library Section El Paso Section
Petro Stopping Centers  
TVO North America  



  • American Finance Co., Inc./Interstate Capital Corporation
  • AXA Foundation
  • Bath Engineering Corporation
  • Theresa and Walter Chayes
  • El Paso Electric Company
  • David and Evelyn Goodman
  • International Outsourcing Services, LLC.
  • Henry and Genya Kellen
  • The Krasne Family
  • Mrs. Morton H. Leonard: In memory of Dr. Morton H. Leonard
  • Mima Lipson Jackson
  • Myer and Beth Lipson
  • Texas Gas Service, a division of ONEOK, Inc.
  • James E. and Jody Rogers, Jr.
  • Edward and Evelyn Schwartz
  • Tibor and Ann Schaechner
  • Dr. David and Rose Schecter
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • The Inland Sea, Inc.



  • Anonymous
  • Bath Engineering Corporation
  • Estate of Louis Baumwoll
  • Robert and Blanche Brown
  • Iris Burnham
  • Chase Bank
  • Robert and Marian Given
  • Bruce and Jackie Gulbas
  • Mark and Jackie Heins
  • Hervey Foundation
  • Hoy Fox Automotive Group
  • Kemp Smith, LLC.
  • Irwin and Ina Kurland
  • Robert E. and Evelyn McKee Foundation
  • Jimmie C. and Carol M. Parker
  • Charles and Charlotte Ramenofsky
  • Scherr & Legate, P.C.
  • Stuart and Shari Schwartz
  • Dr. Steven and Karen Spivack
  • Robert and Jane Warach



Anonymous Frances Litt
ADHI (Association of Door & Hardware Installers) Olga “Cookie” Mapula
Bank of the West Jack and Carroll Maxon
Burkitt Foundation Perpetual Fund Dr. Richard and Leslie Novick
Dr. Phillip Bargman and Judy Rothbardt Rogers & Belding Insurance Agency, Inc
Dr. William and Holli Berry Dr. Edward and Phyllis Saltzstein
Dr. Daniel and Michelle Blumenfeld Right Reverend Monsignor Francis J. Smith
Desert Eagle Distributing Robert and Jane Snow
Jay and Mimi Gladstein: In memory of Emil Reisel David and Vivian Steinborn
Dr. Paul and Ellen Gulbas Nathan and Lea Weiselman
Dr. Jacob and Nancy Heydemann Scott Weaver
Barry and Tammy Karch: In memory of Shirley & Carl Weil and Robert Karch
Dr. David and Cindy Metrikin: In honor of our children Daniel and Amanda



Robert and Sandra Almanzan

Debra P. Kanof
Pat and Patty Attel Dr. Z. Anthony Kruszewski
Rabbi Larry and Alanna Bach Lanward Foundation
Julian and Elayne Bernat John T. and Betty MacGuire Foundation
Dr. Ron and Judy Blumenfeld: In honor of their children Dr. Robert and Susan May
Jeanne C. “Cezy” Collins MJD & Associates
Mary Ann Dodson Erich A. Morales and Angela Ladogana, Ph.D
Paul and Beverly Dudley Dr. Joseph and Candy Neustein
David and Jeanie Dodge Dr. David and Susan Novick
Ruth Erlich Irma Oppenheim
Bonnie S.Y. Escobar Grace Rendall
Gershon and Barbara Ettinger Dr. Arvin and Beverly Robinson
Louann Hoover Feuille Carl Ryan and Susie Davidoff
Dr. Larry Gladstone William Ryerson
Fred and Nina Hirsh Andy Saucedo: In memory of Olibama C. Saucedo
Joshua Kahn SusanAlbert Schwartz Schaechner
Jewish Community Foundation of El Paso Richard and Jean Scherotter
Martin and Bonnie Colton Shiloff Family Foundation
Sam and Lenore Kobren Dr. Werner and Jacqueline Spier
Steve Johnson and Carol Carnes Johnson: In memory of John T. MacGuire  



Larry and Joyce Anenberg Leonard Heller
Gene Baker Charles W. Hurd
Dr. Phillip Boswell Mr. and Mrs. Steven James
Katherine Brennand Keith and Becky Myers
Jerome F. Brown Regis-Bernard Furniture Co., LP
Hughes and Sharon Butterworth, Jr. Phillip and Ann Rothstein
Ray and Myrna Deckert Ryan and Sanders Fund
Richard and Marlene Fass: In memory of Ralph Codikou Darren and Maria Woody
Dr. Ross and Linda Fruithandler Marc J. Zuckerman
Loree Furman: In memory of Nort and Bob Furman  



Charlene Alba Ruth Oppenheim
Julian Borschow: In memory of Barbara Borschow David Pettes
Erich and Sally de Bruyn Kathleen Peyton
Chico’s Fashion’s, Inc. Neysa Pritikin
Oscar Dominguez Lillian Silberman
Fannie Mae Foundation William and Anne Spier