April 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013
NOW AVAILABLE IN SPANISHThe idea that a Holocaust museum could exist in the border city of El Paso, Texas, has surprised many over the years. But not only has the El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center existed -- it has thrived -- in spite of some major setbacks. The story of the El Paso Holocaust Museum is beautifully captured in a new, full-color book by Mimi R. Gladstein and Sylvia D. Cohen titled "El Paso -- The Wild West Welcomes Holocaust Survivors," available now in the Museum's Bookstore for $15. All of the proceeds from the book benefit the Museum. The book was first published as an essay in the book "The Lone Stars of David: The Jews of Texas" by Brandeis University Press in 2007. In that essay, Gladstein and Cohen documented the history of Jews in El Paso, as well as the arrival of several Holocaust survivors after World War II and the creation of the El Paso Holocaust Museum. That essay ended with the devastating electrical fire in 2001 that destroyed the first Museum. At that time, the Museum's Founder, Henry Kellen, and Board of Directors vowed to rebuild. Once Gladstein obtained permission from Brandeis University Press to republish the chapter for the Museum, she and Cohen regrouped to update the Museum's story in the "Epilogue" portion of the new book. Simply put, the Epilogue is a wonderful account of the Museum's rebirth and all of the great things that have happened since the fire. The opening of a new Museum in 2008 meant there was now a permanent space where visitors could learn the lessons of the Holocaust and honor both the victims and survivors. It also meant an increase in educational programs, school tours, exhibits, lectures, teacher workshops, a Book Club and Summer Camp. The growth has been astounding. This book is a special memento of this special Museum. It also is a must-have for anyone interested in local history. THIS BOOK WILL MAKE A GREAT GIFT. WE CAN SHIP ANYWHERE! Several individuals helped underwrite this project: Henry Kellen; Miriam and Louis Rosenbaum; Sara and Robert Shiloff; Nichole and Travis Hughes; Fifi Heller-Kaim and Dr. Boris Kaim; Martha Lanzcyner' Holli and Dr. William Berry; Amy and Clifford Gladstein; and Mimi and Jay Gladstein.