EPHM adds El Paso Holocaust Survivor Web Page
October 10, 2013
As part of the El Paso Holocaust Museum's Web site, the El Paso Holocaust Survivors Web Page has just been launched, featuring the testimonies of 18 local survivors, all of them telling an incredible story of survival and vital components of Holocaust history. It is part of the Museum's mission to not only preserve personal history but to share it as well to further education and awareness. Eye-witness and survivor testimony are irreplaceable and powerfully impact all those fortunate enough to hear them. The El Paso Holocaust Survivors Web Page will serve as a powerful educational tool, a means of preserving testimony, and a way to ensure that future generations will not only know the history of the Holocaust but the history of these incredible individuals as well. To view these testimonies, click on icon "Survivor Testimonies" on the homepage or go to "Education/Resources." From there, search by survivor or topic! This project was made possible by the generous donation of Felicia Rubin and grant from the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission. Special thanks to the hard work of volunteers Idali Reyes, Stephanie Chapman, Tracy Williams, Cindy Williams, Clara Levy, and Rebecca Saavedra.